The Best Casinos in the UK for 2021

Best UK Online Casinos 2021

The ease of getting some content on the internet has made it almost impossible to escape unverified information. Everyone claims to be an expert at something. The downside of this is that true experts now have to prove why their words mean something. They have to prove that their content is backed by sufficient analysis and research. Well, this is no problem for us. In this review, we show you the best online casinos in the UK 2021 and how we determined that they are.

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Welcome Bonus Offers

Right off the bat, an online casino should consider your newness to the platform and give you a chance to see it works. Welcome bonus offers are the best approach to this as you'll have some "free money" to test the waters. With a welcome bonus, you can decide on whether you'd get along with the online casino or if you should run far away from it. You'd be marveled at just how many complications a welcome bonus could save you from. It's like being able to toy with someone else's money, and what could be more fun than that, player? The best online casinos offer fair welcome bonuses, and so we factor that in.

The credibility of the casino

How do you ensure that your funds are safe and the online casino is obligated to you? The answer, simply put, is regulation. A real-money online casino must be regulated, word of mouth is never enough. A regulated online casino must keep its players satisfied. Thus we will never even consider a casino that is not regulated; it's just far too risky. Regulation is carried out by corporate organizations backed by governments. The UK Gambling Commission has proved to be effective in its job as the regulatory body here in the UK. With that said, you can rest assured that all 10 online casinos recommended in this review are fully regulated.

Mobile experience

If you guess that you can play online casino games on the go, then you're right! Some UK online casinos are upgrading this concept to newer levels. Upgrades like this are what we like to see and so should you! Online casinos are developing mobile apps with interfaces to die for - fluid, intuitive, and interactive. It was only a matter of time before technology fully caught up with the online casino space and the biggest proof of that is the development of casinos online that are with you wherever you go. The best casino sites were the first to catch wind of this and they deserve all the credit they get for doing so.

Software provider

There was a time when casino companies created their software via their in-house teams. Now, that's changed. The proprietary software they created themselves was hardly as exciting as casino games could be. The more modern approach is working with software providers who focus all their resources on creating immersive casino games. The best software providers are specialist companies that have hundreds of games in their portfolio and keep creating new ones. Taking this one step further, casinos online are now able to partner with multiple software providers. Add the pieces together and you'll see what we saw; that the best UK online casinos would be those that not only partnered with multiple software providers but seized the opportunity to combine as many casino games as they could to give their players a wider array of game selection.

Game selection

The best online casino would have a wide array of games for you to pick from. These games would be strategically chosen by experienced gamblers themselves who know what games help players set the right tone for a long game night or day, whichever is your preference. You'll forgive us for not listing some of the popular UK online casinos you must've heard of even if they satisfied the conditions above. Their choice of games that they offer may just not be up to par with what excites players and we don't want to subject you to some random games that would have you quite online casinos in little to no time. Having fun while making money is a feeling that's second to none, so we prioritize that.

Payment methods

Payment methods include deposit and withdrawal options. Preferences can vary widely in this category for several reasons, be it location, speed, or exchange rates. A standard online casino would recognize that they have players from various countries around the world and act to provide as many convenient payment methods as possible. You'll appreciate our selection process more once you realize that there are online casinos where players win their money and have to wait a great deal of time to gain access to it. That's not fair to us and we doubt that it is to you.

Minimum and maximum withdrawal

This is especially considered for traders that trade with larger sums. The limits that are attributed to withdrawals by some casinos can be mighty scary. We understand that players should be able to access as much of their funds as they need to, as long as it doesn’t exceed any legal limits. We believe that casinos owe it to the customers to understand this also.

Customer Support Service

It would have been a crime to overlook this category. The categories listed above would be pointless if you couldn't talk to anyone when the platform isn't working as advertised. The best UK online casinos have active customer support teams that work around the clock. This way, whatever issues you might face with the platform are instantly resolved. Being able to talk with a customer support rep is like having security looking over your shoulder to ensure that platform issues are not on the guestlist and therefore not allowed into the house! Multiple customer support service channels are a must! Direct emails, social media, and live chat must be made available to players.

Now you know the factors we consider when we're out hunting for the best UK casino. Any online casino that passes the checks above will serve you well, no doubt! We made a list of 10 UK online casinos that provide all the features you could want - see them below.

Best online casinos in the UK

The best UK online casinos earned their titles by offering top-level versions of the features that define a standard online casino. In this section of this review, we’ll take a look at the major factors you should personally consider when choosing an online casino. Let’s get to it!

Payment method options

There are tons of electronic payment methods available around the globe. Understandably, different regions have varying preferences. In response to this, English casino sites offer various payment methods that cater to users from every corner of our blue planet. Without this diversity in options, many players would have their money stuck for reasons beyond their control. Being the suckers for detail that we are, we have compiled a list of the major payment methods that, when combined, would cater to every online casino player. Take a look at them below:

Debit cards and prepaid cards

Cards arguably have the widest reach of all the payment methods on this list. The two most common types of cards used for payment involving online casinos are debit cards and prepaid cards. Although they may look similar on the surface, there are differences significant enough to give them different names. Debit cards are connected directly to bank accounts. So if you request payment to a debit card, you should be expecting your funds to arrive in the bank account connected to the debit card.

Prepaid cards work differently because they're not connected to bank accounts. A withdrawal request to a prepaid card will have your money deposited directly on the card. The main benefit of using cards as the payment method of choice is that they are accepted by virtually every active online casino.


Another common payment method used by players is the e-wallet. E-wallets are the trusted third-party services that connect merchants to the players’ bank accounts. Being specialists in the FinTech space, they’re able to facilitate deposits and withdrawals conveniently. There are several e-wallets available for use but you'll have to check the ones that are supported by your online casino of choice.

After discovering the supported e-wallets, you can then sign up on the said e-wallet if you didn't have a registered account prior. If you did have an account, all you need to do is input the address you want your funds sent to, and you're good to go! One reason many players would choose the e-wallet route is the ease that comes with it. Unlike cards where you’re expected to fill forms with digits, an e-wallet usually requires your email address and that’s all.

Bank Transfers

Depending on certain factors, you may be able to move money to and from your bank account directly. Certain online casinos acknowledge banks and work in close relation to deliver funds directly to players’ bank accounts. Similarly, players can transfer funds directly from their local bank account to their casino wallet. This is hassle-free especially because it is a direct payment method with no (seen) middle channel. Another reason why bank transfer is as popular as it can be in this context is that most people have bank accounts. Debit cards, prepaid cards, and e-wallets are preliminaries to bank accounts in the eyes of many.


It’s no news that cryptocurrencies are growing at an alarming rate with no signs of slowing down. Each day, more people open their eyes to the potential of cryptocurrency. With this in mind, it’s less of a wonder that hundreds of thousands of casino players are quickly switching to cryptocurrency. In addition to cryptocurrencies constantly increasing in value, transactions involving cryptocurrency are almost instant, completely anonymous, and autonomous. The days where banks place holds on funds are quickly fading away. Today, cryptocurrency is the first choice of many and it isn’t exactly difficult to see why.

Most popular casino games

This review wouldn't be complete without a look at some of the most popular games in the UK, if not the world. If you're new to the online casino space, you want to start on a high note, and what better way to do that than starting with games that have already won the hearts and enriched the wallets of many. Check them out:


Slots may have upgraded subtly over the years but it's always maintained its core features that we've all come to love. The new features, if anything, only brought the game more to life. For now, we'll ignore the animations and upgrades, and focus only on the traditional form of slots.

Slots are games of chance but you can control it with the right approach as to how much of an effect each go at it would have on your account. Pull the giant lever on the right and hope that the jackpot aligns in your favor, that's all. The simplicity of this game saves you from those annoying mathematical calculations.

Slots are games that truly feel like so, and should you win, you’d be making money while having unfiltered fun. This idea appeals to every casino player and this is why slots are as popular as they are in the gambling space today.


Roulette is another simple casino game to get you started. There are colored spots on a Roulette table and your task is to place a bet on one of these spots. This bet must be placed before the end of a betting session, else you'd have to wait for the next. The dealer then spins a wheel that has spots labeled similarly to the spots of the table. Once spun, a ball is thrown in. You win or get a payout if the ball settles on the spot you bet on. And if it doesn't, well, welcome to the exciting world of gambling!

In Roulette, players are not playing against one another, and so this game is a social one. Roulette is easy to learn but it would take some time for you to come up with a winning strategy. A strategy? Yes! Roulette is a game of chance, that depends solely on a spun wheel but like in the case of slots, strategic staking can make you some real paper, which some people refer to as money, for whatever reason.


Poker is the world's most popular card game. It's popular enough to have many different variants of the same game. The variants are closely related and so learning one will get you close enough to others. With time, you'll come across poker variants so we'll talk about the general rules of poker.

Poker works in a way that defines the value of a set of cards. That is, certain card combos are more valuable than others. To win, a player must have the card combination with the highest value when compared to the card combinations of other players. Here are the top 5 card combos in poker:

  • Royal flush: A card combo of A, K, Q, J, 10, all of the same suit (color and shape).
  • Straight flush: Five cards in a number sequence (eg. 8,7,6,5,4), all of the same suit (color and shape).
  • Four of a kind: Four cards of the same rank.

Poker is a competitive game that brings out that desire to win, seeing that it's based more on skill and luck. If you're not the biggest fan of having your fate decided by a random pair of dice, you should try poker. It has clearly stated rules so it's as transparent as we could ask for.

Poker is particularly interesting for us over here. We play the game ever so frequently because it's just an active game. Games that depend on a lever or a pair of dice are fun too but way too passive for us. With a shred of bias involved, we agreed that online casino newbies would be better off starting with poker.

Software Providers

Earlier in this review, we made a point that software companies today provide the games available on online casinos. It's only fair that we discuss that bit in more detail.

The only way to ensure that online casino games would truly develop was to have an entire industry of companies devoted to that cause.

These companies placed their attention squarely on the software side of casinos and it paid off! We enjoy fluid games with user-friendly interfaces, impressive graphics, and improved security because of them. The availability of a wide array of games is also owed to these software providers, as many of them have hundreds of games in the portfolio. Also, casinos are allowed to work with multiple software providers at a single time, and thus, you guessed right more games! Here are the biggest software providers in the world right now!


Playtech is the biggest software casino in the world! With over 700 quality casino games delivered across multiple channels including smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and computers, you can easily see why they have secured the license to operate in over 20 countries. Playtech is regulated by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKGC) and Malta Gaming Authority.


Microgaming has the broadest slots portfolio of all software providers! With over 25 years in the gambling industry, 200+ employees in the UK alone, and an ever-evolving portfolio of 850 games, their multiple awards are justified.


Betsoft is the top provider of cinematic games! Their worldwide appeal is largely a result of their exciting game intros that set the mood right. Betsoft was founded in 1999, in England, and they currently offer 170+ casino games.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the top live dealer provider! With over 700 tables and 3,000 dealers that deal in native languages, their multiple awards in various categories are well-deserved.

Welcome bonus offers

Almost every online casino offers a welcome bonus, some more enticing than others though. The concept of a welcome bonus is not exclusive to the online casino space but it thrives there. Why? Because customers are happy with a chance to try out a platform before devoting their time and resources to the said platform. As a potential customer yourself, you'd agree that a welcome bonus is pleasing probably for some other personal reason or the one stated above.

Welcome bonuses also give players a chance to make some money without ever risking their money; this bit takes up most of the risk involved and allows players to have a genuinely good time. After trying out the platform and testing the waters if you like, you can then decide whether to commit to the platform in question or to try another. Your ability to make an informed decision on your stance as regards a particular online casino is owed strictly to the welcome bonus offer you received.


Online casinos are rising quickly and it’s time for you to own your place in the industry. This review is documentation of years of research carried out to assess everything about them including the catalysts for their growth and their future potential. As more information is released on online casinos, software providers, and bonus offers, you best believe that you’ll be the first to be notified. If you've decided to become a member of the best online casino in the UK, check out the top 10 online casinos the UK has to offer; you can't go wrong with any of them. You now know the top ones, choose the best UK online casino for you!


How does your selection process work?

Our team of casino experts and players assesses the factors that make up a good online casino. Only casinos that check all our boxes satisfactorily get our stamp of approval.

Is gambling safe?

Gambling is safe. It is legal and backed by governments around the world. However, like with anything, there are rules to follow.

How many online casinos do I need to join?

You only need to join one good casino to enjoy your online gambling experience. So ensure to join only trusted online casinos.